Sunday, April 17, 2016

International Year of Global Understanding 2016 - Proposals


The UNESCO-Associated schools from Galice (Spain) present the following proposal of activities to commemorate the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU 2016)

Presentation at the Faculty of Geography and History (Santiago de Compostela University)
by students from the IES Pedra da Auga (Ponteareas, Galice-Spain) and their teacher, Xabier Prado:

In this link you can acess the videos which were recorded and emitted by the TV of the University during the presentation of the IYGU for Spain.

1-Slogans for a Better World

The students express their wishes for the world where they will be adults, in the form of short sentences.
These slogans will be presented on a website created by the Artistic and Vocational School "Árvore" in Porto (Portugal)
The structure of the site is based upon the Sustainable Development Goals.
The slogans will be illustrated by audio-visual  collective and cooperative students´ works.
They will be also presented in videos with YoGoTe international signs.

2-World Poems for a Global Understanding

Based on a previous experience made to cellebrate the 60th Anniversary of the UNESCO-ASPNet.
Students from all parts of the world will present their country, its culture and its languages by means of poems related with the working areas of the ASPNet.
The poems will be recited in their original languages, with accompanying international signs.


Siyahamba  and Jambo Bwana original songs:

3-Clubs for Multilingualism

The participating schools will establish Language Clubs where the students can get an initial knowledge in any language, using lessons which are based on the international signs.
The participation of schools from different countries will allow them to produce activities of reciprocal learning.
Students from a country A will learn a language B with help from colleagues from the country B. These, at the same time, will learn the language A in the same way.
The international signs are the common element that allows this collaborative reciprocal learning approach.


The set of currently available language lessons can be enlarged with the participation of voluntary teachers form different countries.

The dictionaries of international signs allow anyone to present additional proposals of activities to commemorate the International Year of Global Understanding.

Reference website: