Saturday, November 3, 2012

Discovering UNESCO-ASP with World Poems

60th Anniversary of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network
Discovering the UNESCO-ASP Network using World Poems
The UNESCO-ASP Network was created in 1953 and it comprises now more than 9,000 schools in 180 countries. The UNESCO-ASP Schools in Spain, in collaboration with the ASPNet of Portugal, made ​​the following proposal to celebrate in 2013 its 60th anniversary:
​​Presenting a collection of poems from around the world and in any language to appreciate and highlight the common values ​​of the  UNESCO ASPNet, entitled
Discovering the UNESCO-ASP Network using World Poems
The activity will present a collection of poems to appreciate and promote the common values ​​that are present in the ASP Network projects.
NEW! You can access the resulting website directly at

For teachers of the Associated schools wishing to participate in this initiative, we present the following approach to the proposal:

1. Choose a theme:

The poems are chosen considering the four main  subjects of study in the ASP Network
-ASPnet and UN priorities

                              -  Education for Sustainable Development

                               - Peace and human rights

                               - Intercultural Learning

2. Prepare the poems with your students
Choose poems in the original language referring to the selected topics, you can also submit poems created by students or teachers.
Incorporate international signs to the main ideas of the chosen fragment (between 4 and 10 lines). It can be done manually or with the computer (or even off-line, using a character table)
Video training (in Spanish)
Present texts to students and explain them how to make the international gestures to illustrate the main ideas.
Help ( to make this easier)

3. Create a video and post.
Make a video of each poem with the presentation made ​​by the students in the original language accompanied by international gestures.

Make upload of this video to YouTube (or another video streaming website)
Obtain written parental permission for the dissemination of these images
Request your school´s director/principal to fill the authorization approval for the dissemination of images (using this model, in text or image).

4. Send us the link
Send the YouTube video link by email, as well as a copy of the statement of authorization for dissemination of images and a copy of the text with the international signs to the following address:

yogote.coordinator @
You should send us also to the same address the additional information for each poem.

Our intention is to publish the poems of all countries in the World Poetry Day (March 21)
Your work will be included in the collective Website, presenting the poems from the world in different languages ​​and international gestures to show that the Values ​​present at the ASPnet projects are universal.

"You and your students will be presenting your country, your language and your culture to the world"

You can see some examples related to this activity

- Poems about Peace  by a primary school in Spain
- Poems on human values ​​in Latin America
- Poetry in Europe  by a group of high schools
- Sample of poems about equality between men and women 

(in development by schools of Galicia, with a similar format to that of the activity Poems of the World).